World Languages

Mission Statement...

Language is our connection to the rest of the world and it is essential that we promote and encourage the study of the world's languages in today's global society. The ability to communicate effectively enhances students' social, intellectual, political, and economic opportunities. World language programs foster an appreciation for and an interest in world cultures, making students more open-minded and tolerant individuals. A strong foundation in vocabulary and grammar is necessary in order to build a working communicative relationship.
With the foundation, we believe that, after participation in our language program, students will be able to:

  • Effectively interact with speakers in the target language by communicating in every day situations. 
  • Understand the spoken and written target language. 
  • Appreciate and respect the cultural aspects of the target language. 
  • Use knowledge acquired in the target language in interdisciplinary learning experiences and in other life experiences.

Language study in the North Rockland Central School District begins in grade 7. Students have a choice of selecting American Sign Language (ASL), French, Italian, Spanish or Spanish for Native Speakers. New York State Department of Education requires that all students complete two units of study {level 1(7th and 8th grades)} in a language other than English in order to meet minimum graduation requirements. For students wishing to graduate with an Advanced Regents Diploma, New York State Department of Education requires a three year sequence in a World Language (a language other than English) and successfully passing a locally developed exam. This exam is aligned to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) and New York State LOTE Standards.

Francisco Garcia-Quezada, Coordinator
Elizabeth Lockwood-Bonfim
Alberto Martinez
Carrie Moran
Angelica Urena

FMS World Languages Dept. Faculty