Steps Toward a Successful School Year

Steps Toward a Successful School Year

Set Goals:

Goals serve as a vision of what you want to accomplish.  Decide what is important to you before school begins.  Write down your goals and post them somewhere that you will see every day.

Be Organized:

Before school begins, make sure you have the supplies that your teachers have requested.  Use a different color folder/notebook for each class.  Keep your locker and backpack neat.  Put everything you need for the next day in the same place each night before you go to bed.

Plan Your Time:

Create a study plan.  Determine how much time you have available each day, develop a schedule and stick to it!

Be in School, On Time, Every Day:
Students with good attendance do better in school.  Unless you have an extended illness or emergency, you should miss no more than five or six days of school per year.

Take Good Notes:
Taking notes helps you stay focused.  Pay attention and actively listen to what your teacher is saying.  Listen for hints that indicate the teacher is giving important information (i.e. a change in the teacher's voice or verbal cues).  Put a star beside or highlight information that is important.

Find a Study Buddy:
At the beginning of the school year, find a neighbor or friend that is on your team who will get work for you when you are absent.  Make sure to choose someone who is responsible!

Get Help When You Need It:
If you have a question or need help, talk to your teacher.  If you do not feel comfortable asking in front of the class, stay after class.  Teachers offer extra help during homebase, recess or after school.  Check with your teacher and schedule a time.

Believe in Yourself!