Drama Club

Drama Club is open to all 7th and 8th graders who are interested in musical theater. Each year we put on a full scale musical production in April. Dates will be announced next year.
How can I participate?
Each student can participate in the Cast, Crew, or Pit. You will listen for announcements in January.

What does each group do?
Cast – The cast members are the ones who act, sing, and dance on stage. Students play parts from leading roles to being part of the ensemble. Cast members must audition.

Crew – The crew members help design, build, and paint the set pieces that will be used on stage. They then move the set pieces on stage during the show.

Pit – The pit members play the music for all the songs during the show. You must be in band or orchestra in order to be eligible for the Pit.

What is the time commitment?
Drama Club begins in January and runs through most of April. It meets multiple days a week usually until 5pm.