Cultural Connections Club

Cultural Connections is an instructional approach that encourages students to share their own unique culture as well as exposing them to other cultures around the world. Giving students an opportunity to experience other cultures through art, music, food, dance, celebrations, traditions and many more avenues, helps them learn to respect each other and the culture that makes them unique.

Every project begins with either a writing prompt, vocabulary specific to the lesson or a reflection piece. Students will record their reflections in a journal notebook and share their writing within the group.

In 2016, Haverstraw celebrated their 400th anniversary. Our students were invited to participate in a unique photographic exhibition entitled, “Essence of a Community.”

Students captured their personal view of their community in a photograph and exhibited these photos in the Garnerville Arts Festival on May 21 and 22, 2016.

The theme for the festival was “Community.” This project was a perfect pairing to showcase our student’s photographs.