Community Resources

How do I find a summer program for my child?
Following is just a sample list of organizations that provide assistance in locating an engaging and educational summer program in your community for all ages.

Rockland County Guidance Center
Our Mission is to provide, to a diverse adult population with a specific focus on women in transition (displaced homemakers), special programs, career resources, and current information regarding workplace systems and procedures. These services are offered by a professional, caring staff in a growth-promoting environment. Through education, assessment, and counseling, participants are empowered along the vocational and career continuum. Support is provided to participants who are entering and re-entering the workforce, transitioning careers and seeking satisfaction in post-retirement activities.

Volunteer Counseling Services
VCS is a non-profit organization that offers counseling and family programs such as "Talking Helps" cancer program, parenting classes, Separation & Divorce services, "Relatives as Parents," and "Vets for Vets."